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June 29, 2021 - poop

update really isn't worth a proper title, just wanted to note that my new capture card has arrived in the mail! with this i'll be making some new capsules for the site as well as possibly updating some older images in nicer quality :)

June 24, 2021 - june / july goals

i've been slacking a bit on the website for the past couple weeks as a few other things have been of utmost importance. i'm slapping this entry here as a reminder to myself every time i visit the front page of what i need to do in terms of getting the rest of the site set up.

  • create capsules for missing years (1988, '89, '90, 2004, '06, '07, '09, '11, '13, '17, '19)
  • create page for the miscellaneousRed Green recordings from June 1
  • create page in Games section for 3D models, pinball shit, game development, whatever
  • do something with Music section, not sure what
  • post more art in Art

i haven't done a whole bunch in terms of new pages or capsules since the last update, though i did fart around a bit with the css and fixed various spacing and formatting issues so certain pages on the site might look better than before. you probably won't be able to notice :^)

June 16, 2021 - the harvey birdman incident

in the last few weeks, i've been hinting at some "really neat additions to the site" in terms of new tape capsules. the tape i had been patiently waiting for finally arrived yesterday, a tape labelled "Harvey Birdman" - one of my favorite [adult swim] series. i popped it in expecting a few hours of [as] from the 2000s only to be greeted with four seconds of an [adult swim] bump and six hours of American Idol. ouch. i'm assuming somebody taped over the Harvey Birdman portion with Idol years later and just forgot to relabel it, but man, talk about a letdown.

anyway, i've been working towards getting more capsules filled in so that every year presented on the site will have at least one recording to accompany it. all i have left to do at the moment is 1988, 1989, 1990, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2017 and 2019... maybe i have a little more work cut out for myself than i thought. here are some neat pages i've put together since the last update.

in Red Green news, i haven't had much of a chance to transfer over any more of the discs, but i've done about 27 out of 42 now. i haven't looked too-too deep into them, but i've managed to spot a few broadcasts that WILL be dateable by using whatever PBS promos have survived on the recordings. i still haven't worked on a designated page for these recordings yet. i'll probably start working on it once i've made a capsule for every year.

June 7, 2021 - not dead

believe it or not, i'm still working on this

it's not quite ready for an "official launch" yet but i thought i'd write up a new entry for any cave-dwelling freaks following the progress of this little, dinky page on the internet. i've posted a FAQ page for the tape section so any hooligans with repeated questions can read up on it before flocking to me. if it still doesn't answer your question(s), chase after my email scrolling across in the marquee above and yell at me there :)

in addition to the FAQ page i've been hard at work scrounging up new capsules as well!

check 'em out sometime

in other news, i've been working on getting the Red Green recordings digitized so i'll be able to showcase them on a separate section of this site. i haven't been able to accurately date any of the recordings, however, i have pinpointed a good chunk of them as being from late-1995. this means they're from Showcase's first year on the air which is really neat to me. i'm hoping to get some stuff up on the site about it by the end of June.

lastly, i've got a few new tapes coming in the next few days that should be really neat additions to the site! keep your eyes peeled

June 1, 2021 - calling all canucks

the day has finally come. way back in April of this year, i purchased forty pre-recorded DVDs from my neighbor to the north for only around $5 (i know a deal when i see one). every disc was labelled in permanent marker as "The Red Green Show". now, i love Red Green (and yes, i'm going to keep doing that). i grew up watching reruns of it on either Maryland Public Television or WHYY, i don't really remember which one syndicated it. if you've never seen the show before, here's a great clip from a later season.

all forty discs arrived in the mail today after over a month of waiting and i'm ecstatic. i had no idea when and from what station these would be recorded from seeing as Red Green originally ran on CHCH-TV, CFPL-TV, YTV, Global, and the CBC in Canada. here in the states, the show was syndicated to hundreds of PBS affiliates, reran on Comedy Central for a short period, and may have popped up on a myriad of different networks since the 1990s. it's one of those shows that ran for an eternity yet has very little documentation on where and when it aired back in the day.

to make matters worse, the first and only disc i've played so far was recorded from Canadian cable-network Showcase, which i had zero idea even reran the series. it's a VHS to DVD dub (which i pretty much expected) meaning these aren't original recordings but rather copies from tapes. i don't think they travelled far though as the seller was from Canada, leading me to believe these are copies of recordings he made way back when. i don't mind that!

big, big, big issue though. from what i've seen so far, the commercials are cut. that's bad news when you're someone like me who loves to pinpoint recording dates and make a pretty little capsule showcasing it (get it? showcase? put a bullet in me.) there are itty-bitty trimmings of Showcase promos for The Red Green Show left on the recordings so that gives me hope there may be some advertising on the other discs to help me date these.

i can tell from the get-go that it was recorded sometime between Showcase's inception in 1995 and 2001, as it uses their first ever logo in those short bumpers that remain. aside from that, i'm stumped. this was in an era before permanent screenbugs or on-screen graphics were really a common thing on every network and i'm not sure when Showcase started plastering a bug on their feed. maybe some later recordings in this bulk may answer that question.

i'll be setting up a special page for the "Red Green bulk" with whatever information i can gather from these. there are forty discs exactly with multiple episodes on each, so i'm looking at well over 100 or 200 recordings on my hands. whoops! who knew $5 could buy so much?

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