Chalet 2000

The Kids in the Hall - "Chalet 2000: A Hilarious Episode-Long Sketch Starring Buddy and the Queen of the United Kingdom"


Originally aired 1993 on CBC Television

Recorded February 2, 2001; 2:30 p.m. from Comedy Central


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This is a recording of the fourth season Kids in the Hall episode "Chalet 2000: A Hilarious Episode-Long Sketch Starring Buddy and the Queen of the United Kingdom" (yes, that's the actual title). This is a pretty funny episode where the entire episode is one incredibly long sketch that is way too drawn out, yet they make it work.

At the time I'm writing this page, I have no idea when this episode originally aired! Multiple sites list this episode as premiering on December 30, 1993 in Canada with no real answer on when it first aired in the States. In Canada the show aired on CBC Television, while here in the US it aired on HBO for the first three seasons and CBS during the last two. The Wikipedia article listing episodes of the show uses the American HBO airdates for Seasons 1 - 3 and the Canadian airdates for 4 - 5, making it really confusing to tell when exactly these episodes debuted seeing as I'm not sure if some episodes first aired in the USA or Canada first.

So, 12/30/93 is the presumed airdate for this episode, right? Well, according to the Friday, November 12, 1993 issue of the Edmonton Journal, "Chalet 2000" had an airing on CBC-affiliated Alberta station CBXT at 10:00 p.m.; November 12, 1993 (which would really be midnight; November 13, 1993 going by the CBC's time in Toronto). Does this make it the premiere date? I have no clue. This is the earliest example I can find of this episode airing which is over a month and a half before the supposed late-December Canadian airdate. What a clusterfuck. This leads me to believe Kids in the Hall has a lot of incorrect airdates which is bad news for me considering I've got plenty more airings to log into the site.

Embedded are some Comedy Central commercials from February 2, 2001.

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