1998 World Music Awards

The 1998 World Music Awards


Originally aired May 28, 1998; 8:00 p.m. on various networks

Recorded November 26, 1998; 9:00 p.m. from MuchMusic


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The 1998 World Music Awards premiered on May 28, 1998 and aired live on several networks around the globe. It's hard to pinpoint every single network it first aired on but I do know ABC premiered it in the States and Citytv (and possibly the CBC?) had aired it up in Canada. This recording is a rerun from six months later on MuchMusic which, surprisingly, didn't air the program live. Instead, MuchMusic was airing the 1998 Soul Train Music Awards on the night of May 28.

I don't have anything embedded yet as I haven't uploaded the commercials from this broadcast as of July 2021. Once they're up, I'll try and remember to update this page :^)

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